Pediatric Chiropractic Care

The most common question we receive at Gaia Health is, “Why do kids even need chiropractic?” This question is valid because as an adult we see kids as having no issue that could affect them neuromusculoskeletally. If you look at most kids from birth on, they have trauma from birth, sleeping positions, falls, and more. While we as a culture just say, “Oh they are kids, they are meant to fall and sleep weird. They bounce back so fast.” They do indeed bounce back fast, but often times there are elements of their bodies that may look to have “bounced back”, but lead to problems down the road.

At Gaia Health, we often wish we could change the term for chiropractic for kids because the way children are adjusted is so different from adults that it deserves a different name. The adjustments are gentle for kids and involve sustain pressure and little impulses to gain proper alignment and movement.

Teenagers are a population that is in great need of chiropractic care. Over the years at Gaia Health we have found poor posture, unusually tight trap muscles, and severe restrictions in the neck and upper back. These teenagers are too young to be facing such extreme musculoskeletal problems; however, with the amount of time in school, the amount of homework, tablets, computers, video games, and phones the posture seen in our youth is getting worse. Chiropractic is great for teenagers as it helps educate them on good posture, helps reduce stiffness, and reduces muscle tightness.