Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy both hormonally and structurally, which can both lead to varying levels of discomfort. The most common discomfort and pain experienced during pregnancy are low back pain and pelvic pain. These types of common complaints associated with pregnancy respond well to the specialized treatment known as Webster Technique.

The low back pain is commonly a result of the increased weight gain on the front of the body causing the female body to accommodate the weight by shifting into hyperextension. Hyperextension of the low back places extra strain into the low back and puts the low back into an excessive curve, commonly causing pain.

Pelvic pain can be caused from many different sources, but commonly the pelvic pain is a result of the hormone relaxin. This hormone helps loosen up the ligaments of the pelvis (but effects all the ligaments of the body) to begin preparation for childbirth where the pelvis will expand to give birth. Because the relaxin is flowing through the pregnant and postpartum body there is a lot of instability. Ligaments help stabilize joints by holding bone to bone and once they loosen up those joints become loose and therefore unstable. The muscles commonly become tight, as they work extra hard to make up for the work the ligaments are no longer doing. These muscles can be sore, tight, and sometimes painful. The pelvis can come out of alignment easier than before due to the laxity in the ligaments and with the added element of increased weight gain the pelvis can be a great source of discomfort during pregnancy.